Saturday, May 2, 2020

Soul Merge Crypto

This game is cool af. You can earn some Soul and withdraw it to any ERC20 supported wallet. Here we recommend you to use TrustWallet.

First, you need to create an account here
Then take a note of your email and password in a safe place. You can write it down in a paper or just make a note in your phone. Then what should you do after have that global account? Don't asking too much please, just read my words.

Pic above is the screenshot of the gameplay and it's easy to play. Even its more easy than playing Zuma. You just need to merge same level cat into one and you can have higher level cat with faster speed. You can buy cats depend on level in Shop.

So, are you ready to install this money machine cute game? 

Well, what t f are you waiting for? Wait for me going up to the top of the leaderboard? grab it now from Android app Store

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