Monday, May 11, 2020

Play CryptoIdleMiner and earn HORA an TRC20 token

Play this cool game and earn some TRC20 token called Hora which is based on TRON network.

How to earn? Well I will tell now, actually all leaderboard participamt will all get the tokens by the end of each season.

Play and rise to the top of leaderboard..the more high your rank. More HORA you'll get! 

You can withdraw to this wallet this wallet is the best TRX wallet in the real human world. I have tested more than three wallets and I choose this one for now.

How to withdraw? Ummm it's as simple as 1 2 3 steps until 6: 
1. Copy your TRX address wallet
2. Paste in Withdraw section of the game
3. Press Max to withdraw all tokens you have
4. Proceed press Withdraw and press YES
5. Wait for several days and your HORA will be in your wallet
6. Keep playing!

Install now the wallet
And put this code YNzJ in Claim of Friend Invitation.

Thursday, May 7, 2020

The first Bitcoin wallet that I used to buy my first BTC

Maybe you wonder where we first very first time bought bitcoin. Back in 2016, I bought BTC from Luno. As far as I know that time. luno is wallet provider company that have office in South Africa but its operate arround the world. I choose to buy here because its wallet support to deposit and withdrawal using Indonesian Local Bank

Wanna have this wallet on your phone? Go grab it, it's of course more simple than installing PUBG or Call of Duty Mobile and you can hold or trade your assets in app directly

So here we want to invite you to install Luno and use our promo code? Any benefit using promo code? Yes sure, I didn't share if its not bring any benefit for all of us.

The steps are simple

1. Sign up with my invite link HERE
You can just signup using Facebook or Google account if you are too lazy to type your email and password here
2. Deposit and buy IDR 500,000 in BTC (Luno exchange not included)
3. We both get IDR 25,000 free BTC
Check BTC amount of 25K IDR in

Note to remember:
Never underestimate the small amount in crypto world

In 2016 if you install and use promo code you will get 0.00063, as can be can seen below
And per this post posted, if I still hold that coin, which means I didn't sell it yet ...that 0.00063 is about 92952 Rupiah

So what are you waiting for? wait for BTC price going crazy and surpass 25000 USDollar? The time is now

Go grab it!



Saturday, May 2, 2020

Soul Merge Crypto

This game is cool af. You can earn some Soul and withdraw it to any ERC20 supported wallet. Here we recommend you to use TrustWallet.

First, you need to create an account here
Then take a note of your email and password in a safe place. You can write it down in a paper or just make a note in your phone. Then what should you do after have that global account? Don't asking too much please, just read my words.

Pic above is the screenshot of the gameplay and it's easy to play. Even its more easy than playing Zuma. You just need to merge same level cat into one and you can have higher level cat with faster speed. You can buy cats depend on level in Shop.

So, are you ready to install this money machine cute game? 

Well, what t f are you waiting for? Wait for me going up to the top of the leaderboard? grab it now from Android app Store